The North-West

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The North west, Monday - Friday most Diesel services are booked Eth 47's. But it is the best place for class 25 & 40 substitution's

North Wales coast, Eth 47's, from Crewe to Holyhead & Rtn can produce pairs of 25s & single 40's The 06.05 09.30 & 11.18 departure's from Crewe ones to watch.

Manchester Victoria to Bangor, 47's regular replaced by 25's & 40's The 17.42 ex Manchester regular swaps loco on diagram.

The daily Blackpool - Man Vic, can also be a 25 or 40 and does swap loco on diagram at Man Vic sometimes.

Preston portions with services to Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool & Barrow, again 25's & 40's common.

The Pennines, Liverpool to York & Newcastle, mainly 47's with the odd 45, 40's can appear especially at weekends Early departures from York can produce 46's or 55's Failures can be 25's or 40's at Manchester end, where 31's or 37's can rescue in Yorkshire