Piccadilly-Cardenden via Wakey & Scarborough

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Start at Manchester Piccadilly

02.10 (02.10) 1E62 Man Picc-Cleethorpes -This is diagrammed for a HM40, but often produces whatever is to hand. A 31, 40, 45 or 46 isn't uncommon. A change of loco at Sheffield usually sees a 31 vb dropping on. <Stay on board to Retford LL, or if you don't mind a DMU leap, Lincoln Central.> A quick run up the stairs to HL, and you'll be ready for...

04.05 (07.12) 1L01 Kings Cross-Leeds -Usually a 31, but sometimes produces a boilered 47. Get ready to make the jump at Wakefield.

08.33 (08.33) 1L91 Wakefield Westgate-Scarborough -Booked for a HM40, but sometimes gets a nb40. Leap at York.

08.30 (09.45) 2L24 Sheffield-Scarborough -Often produces a bigger loco than the L91, booked for a TI31, but usually comes in as a rather chilly train, as Tinsley seem to find a nb nearly every time.

10.35 (10.35) 1L52 Scarborough-York -Can be tricky to board, as it's a zero connection. It's only a DMU, and the 1L59 will get you back to York.

10.05 (12.35) 1E79 Liverpool-Newcastle -If you don't mind a duff, or something interesting rolls in, you can take this, failing that, you can hang around for some Deltic power. You'll be waiting at Newcastle for the same train anyway.

09.40 (14.36) 1S76 Kings Cross-Edinburgh -This gets you into the Capital at around 16.24. Of course, you can do what you like now, but if it's a Monday, what could be better than keeping an eye on the DMU's heading towards Cardenden? In 1981, the Fife circle wasn't operated as such, so some evening services terminated at Cardenden. Keep a careful look at the following services. On Bank Holiday Mondays (which this would have been in '81) some services were LHCS vice DMU. These were often 26/0 xos, or Haymarket 20's.

17.06 2C17

17.18 2C18

17.30 2C20

Good luck. Not every week, or indeed every service gets the treatment.

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