Non Loco

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There are numerous non-loco hauled trains within the game, these are "not required for red penning" and do not give any mileage bonuses. There is an option within the game's options screen to turn off notifications about non-loco hauled services. The following classes of unit are available to travel on in-game.

100 DMU
101 DMU
104 DMU
105 DMU
107 DMU
108 DMU
110 DMU
115 DMU
116 DMU
123 DMU
124 DMU
126 DMU
127 DMU
304 EMU
305 EMU
306 EMU
307 EMU
308 EMU
309 EMU
310 EMU
312 EMU
430 EMU
501 EMU
503 EMU
504 EMU
506 EMU
507 EMU
508 EMU

There are also some alternative methods of transport, no mileage is recorded for using these alternatives however using the Bus or Taxi will incur a points deduction, using the Tube and Walking are both free options though have a longer journey time.

BUS No Mileage is recorded 10 points per mile cost
Taxi No Mileage is recorded 30 points per mile cost
Tube No Mileage is recorded
Walk No Mileage is recorded
Tram NO Mileage is recorded