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Following the Manchester gig earlier in the day, Franconia Goes to Holyhead took a helicopter from Heaton Park to York Racecourse, where an early evening gig attracted 200,000 people.

British Rail's pattern of relief services for this event aimed to reduce the number of shunting movements in the bottleneck of York Station. As such, an additional working arriving at York from the South, would generally depart ECS to another location to the North, before returning back to York as another relief working.

Several of the Scarborough line workings were strengthened to Loco Hauled from DMUs, and a 30 minute interval DMU service from Leeds to York was implemented.

The high quality of recorded workings from the time has enabled this scenario to be modelled with a high degree of accuracy.

In real life, both the Manchester and York events featuring Pope John Paul II took place on the same day, but each Scenario is available separately in Hellfire.