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Franconia Goes To Holyhead's largest event in the UK leg of their world tour was the Glasgow gig; the event at Bellahouston Park is attended by 300,000 people.

Using the actual STN (Special Traffic Notice) covering the West of Scotland for the week in question, a detailed recreation of the transport arrangements has been possible. In summary, the following arrangements were in place for the day:

Travel to and from Bellahouston Park by rail could be achieved to one of three locations:

  1. Cardonald (3/4 mile to the North West of Bellahouston Park). All services between Glasgow and Paisley Gilmour Street to call additionally at Cardonald between the hours of 0900 and 1400, and between 1830 and 2330. This provides 7 trains per hour in each direction between Glasgow Central and Paisley Gilmour Street during these times.
  2. Maxwell Park (1 mile South East of Bellahouston Park) Some additional direct services between Motherwell, Hamilton Central and Maxwell Park and vice versa. Additional Cathcart Circle services in each direction to provide 7 trains per hour between Glasgow Central and Maxwell Park throughout the day until 2300.
  3. Corkerhill (3/4 mile South West of Bellahouston Park). All special services from outside the Glasgow area will use Corkerhill.

In the morning/early afternoon, inbound services to Corkerhill will be regulated to a 15 minute frequency in each direction. This is to allow sufficient time for boarding/alighting of large numbers of people. All special services inbound to Corkerhill are provided with ample pathing/regulation time to mitigate against late arrival at Corkerhill. Trains from the South and West will be routed via Dalry (being held if required in the loop in the event of early running) before proceeding via Paisley Canal to Corkerhill. Empty stock will then proceed to Smithy Lye/Bellahouston sidings for stabling (unless diagrammed to another location for another service). Note that the majority of trains to and from Kilmarnock will be routed via Barassie Junction (reverse) to avoid conflicts with traffic from the East and North. Trains from the East and North will be held at Carfin (if arriving via Shotts) or Coatbridge Central (if arriving via Cumbernauld) in the event of early running, before proceeding via Larkfield/Shields Jns to Corkerhill. Empty stock will then proceed to Corkerhill, Ardrossan Town, or Ayr Townhead Carriage Sidings for stabling.

In the evening, empty stock workings from Corkerhill, Ardrossan Town and Ayr Townhill will be routed to the Up Slow line at Dalry where they will await right time to proceed to Corkerhill. Each ECS is timed to arrive at Corkerhill 4 minutes after the previous train has departed, and is allowed 11 minutes boarding time at Corkerhill. The first evening departure is at 1950, with the last being at 2220. All scheduled Kilmacolm services will be diverted via Paislay Gilmour Street during this time.

In the event of serious overcrowding, some additional workings may be LHCS VICE DMU at short notice.

Any ADEXs in addition to those notified above will be routed into Glasgow Central, with passengers required to use the Cardonald/Maxwell Park services to travel to and from Bellahouston Park.

See the relevant Special Traffic Notice for full details.