Extras, and where to find them

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Online database where you can upload your weekly moves and view all your mileages in different formats. You can also see how you compare to other users playing the game

Offline database. This is a personal copy only of your own moves. Extremely handy if you are without internet access. Various reports are available for mileages and needs list. It was orignally written by user Warspite(Gary Mosely) many years ago for Version 2.8. Obviously with the update to version 3 of Hellfire the database needed a rewrite. User Delmonte cracked the third loco problem and released his version via the Hellfire discussion forum. User 40138 has gone through all the reports and overhauled the layout and presentation and main menu. Currently being tested with a few users to find iron out a few niggles. He can be contacted via forum or the Facebook Hellfire users group


There is a group on Facebook for users of Hellfire where workings, discussions and photos can be posted without the file size limits of the discussion forum