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The only booked workings are for Toton 20's to Skegness. These train's run Monday to Thursday and Sundays from Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, Tuesdays + Wednesdays And Burton, Monday + Thursday = 3 pairs And one from Derby on Saturday = 1 pair Theses can all so produce pairs 25's, 31's or one 37 or 45 and very occasional drop a Tinsley pair of 20's

Tinsley and Immingham locos tend to recuse failures in the Sheffield or Doncaster areas, they can work railtour's and adex's

Eastfield and Motherwell loco's can produce on the Glasgow test train, adex's to Spalding and Scottish Franconia days as well as failures

Haymarket loco's work failures, the test train and work train during the month of farce.

Two trains to watch for 20's are the Monday - Friday 14.38 Paignton - Leeds and the Saturday 09.36 Penzance - Wolverhampton which can both produce Toton 20's forward from Gloucester