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In 1981 Scotland is still home to lots of loco hauled trains.

Internal trains
Glasgow Queen Street to Oban, Fort William and Mallaig Quite reliably solid Eastfield 37s.
Although some 27s are still to be found and the odd no heat 37.
Class 20s may be used to rescue failures.
Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee Boilered Eastfield 27s
Other type 2s and type 1s would stand in and rescue.
Aberdeen - Inverness Boilered Inverness 27s
Stand ins and rescue could be 47s, 40s and other type 2s.
Inverness - Wick/Thurso & Kyle of Lochalsh Boilered Inverness 26s
Stranraer Eastfield boilered 27s on daily return working to Kilmarnock, but 25s are quite regular had too

Keep an eye on the Tees Yard to Stranraer speedlink service in the early hours of the morning if you are at Carlisle, as this engine sometimes works the mid-morning Stranraer to Kilmarnock service.

Perth Keep and eye on

0105 Perth - Aberdeen (Inverness 26)
1014 Perth - Motherwell
1105 Perth - Edinburgh
1712 Perth - Arbroath

Glasgow - Carlisle (via GSW) Keep and eye on

0840 Carlisle - Glasgow Central (Class 25)
1240 Glasgow Central - Carlisle (Class 25)

Internal Sleeper Services ETH 47s Haymarket or Eastfield
Internal Motorail Services

The 20:55 Kensington Olympia to Stirling service seems to kick out ED/ML 20's midweek, also the 10:55 Kenny O to Perth (usually on a Weds/Thursday) Perth motorails are generally ML 37's, as are some Inverness motorails.