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Links: [[Main Page]]
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In 1981 Scotland is still the home to lots of loco hauled trains.
{| class="wikitable"
!colspan="2"|Internal trains
| <b>Glasgow Queen Street to Oban, Fort William and Mallaig </b>
| Quite reliably solid boilered Eastfield 37s. <br>Although some 27s are still to be found and the odd no heat 37. <br>Class 20s may be used to rescue failures.
| <b>Glasgow Queen Street - Dundee </b>
| Boilered Eastfield 27s<br> Other type 2s and type 1s would stand in and rescue.
| <b>Aberdeen - Inverness</b>
|Boilered Inverness 27s<br> Stand ins and rescue could be 47s, 40s and other type 2s.
| <b>Inverness - Wick/Thurso & Kyle of Lochalsh </b>
| Boilered Inverness 26s<br>
| Eastfield boilered 27s on daily return working to Kilmarnock, but 25s are quite regular had too
| Keep and eye on <br>
0105 Perth - Aberdeen (Inverness 26) <br>
1014 Perth - Motherwell <br>
1105 Perth - Edinburgh <br>
1712 Perth - Arbroath <br>
|<b>Glasgow - Carlisle (via GSW)</b>
| Keep and eye on <br>
0840 Carlisle - Glasgow Central (Class 25) <br>
1240 Glasgow Central - Carlisle (Class 25)
|<b>Internal Sleeper Services</b>
| ETH 47s Haymarket or Eastfield <br>

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